Memory Box presents: A Guy Called Gerald (Live Acid Jam)

Memory Box presents: A Guy Called Gerald (Live Acid Jam)

11th Dec 2015 9pm - 4am

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Continuing its regular sonic memoirs of electronic music, Memory Box returns on Friday 11 December with A Guy Called Gerald doing a special “Live Acid Jam”.

"For me Live music is exactly that. Playing live for me is coming directly from me. I can't tell you what is going to happen but expect a performance of electronic music made in real time with a nod to the past. Taste the future." A Guy Called Gerald

An iconic name in dance music, A Guy Called Gerald stands out for consistent innovation, excellence and refusal to compromise. A Guy Called Gerald kick started Europe’s acid house frenzy with his ’88 classic ‘Voodoo Ray’ and 'Pacific State' (as part of 808 State) and went on to lay down the blueprint for jungle / drum n bass. Nine albums and 25 years of independence later, he continues to push the boundaries of electronic dance music touring worldwide bringing his "true school" flavour to a world overloaded with pop pap.

Although his remixes are relatively enviable including the likes of David Bowie, Cabaret Voltaire, Black Uhuru, Finley Quaye, Lamb, Tricky and The Stone Roses, it is Gerald’s own productions and refusal to plough anyone’s furrow but his own which has marked him out.  A Guy Called Gerald is responsible for the birth of British dance music as you know it today and continues to explore what is possible both in the studio and in the club with his "Live in Session" performances. 

Memory Box is a project that celebrates the influences of today’s electronic music scene and encapsulates some of the most memorable moments in its time. A Memory Box party covers the history of electronic club music, hearing its origins from the legends and luminaries whilstexploring the influences the past has on today's music and how we shape the future.


A Guy Called Gerald live at Koko