Memory Box Acid with DJ Pierre

Memory Box Acid with DJ Pierre

13th Apr 2019 11pm - 4am

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Memory Box returns to Brighton and this time we're bringing DJ Pierre for the Memory Box Acid Rave "20 20" at Patterns on Saturday 13 April. 

More than just a producers' producer, Pierre is the unconventional king of the hard-core house mixers and a visionary. One of the original producers of the 80's Chicago scene. Pierre fuses together scorching acid grooves with pulsating beats, laden with the sultry vocal samples. 

"My music is the center of my world", says the beat master "Once I get the vibe going, I can't stop. It's an intense feeling, fusing the rhythm and beats in an underground groove that makes the dance floor shake and people move. It's a very spiritual evolution for me -- one that I take very seriously."

Support comes from Memory Box creator Robin Ball.